A resume is one of the most important documents of a job seeker. It is the first and easiest way to show the employers that you are a perfect match for the company. A lot rides on what and how much you have mentioned in your Resume. Everything from the interview to the whole selection process starts with this one document.

While the need to have job-related technical skills is unquestionable, it’s also a fact that everyone applying for the position will have them. So how do you think you’ll stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple, mention the prime job-related (non-technical) skills.


  1. Communication

This is one of the most important skills which demands to be mentioned in your resume. Having the right communication skills is not about the language you use; it’s about how clearly you make your point. It is not enough to be a good speaker; your written skills need to be clear and concise too.

  1. Computer Literacy

Irrespective of your career plans, almost every type of work calls for a basic level understanding of computer software and hardware – specifically spreadsheets, word processing systems, and email. Your talent to show your expertise in technology along with its applications are important in this information age.

  1. Managing Multiple Priorities

Workplace today asks for a proficiency in managing various projects. Your capability to manage several tasks and assignments, setting priorities, and adjusting with the changing surroundings and the work assignments is very critical.

  1. Interpersonal Ability

It is precisely the ability to work with your co-workers, motivate others to contribute, and tone down the conflicts with co-workers if they do arrive. Considering the quantity of time we spend at the office every day; these are some crucial attributes.


  1. Self-Motivation

All employers want people with a bit of get-up-and-go attitude. A professional life gives various challenges where you need to prove to the employers that you are a kind of person who finds a way across, even when nothing is easy. It’s best to stay cheerful even under high pressure situations.

  1. Time Management

At the office, you’ll be asked to handle a variety of work. There comes a time in every employee’s life when they are said to deliver on a priority basis. It is your time-management skills that will show the employers that you can manage work and meet deadlines before the last hour of the day.

  1. Creativity and Openness to Learning

It’s very easy for a job to become monotonous, your creativity can not only bring life to your work, but if incorporated rightly, it can change the job role too. Along with being creative, another skill that employers appreciate is openness to learning. Be open to new projects, methods, etc. It will only advance your growth.

  1. Persuasion

It’s about putting forward your point, but also understand what the other person wants and where he/she is coming from, in order to both get what you need and still feel good and justified about it.

  1. Research and Analysis

Your capability to consider a situation, find various views, collect further information if needed, and find key points that should be discussed is important to be added in the resume. As every employer, irrespective of the job role, is looking for employees who help them in solving problems. So the more you showcase your research abilities, more are your chances to catch their interest.

  1. Commercial Awareness

It’s all about knowing how the business or industry functions and what keeps a company running. Show in the resume that you understand what the organization can achieve with help of its products and services, and how it should compete in the market. If you’re looking for a sales job, show sales experience. If you’re looking for a marketing job, show marketing experience.

Incorporating the Skills

Now that you have a fair idea of what all skills you need to mention in your resume, the question arises: “where?”. Here’s how you should incorporate the skills:

While there is a dedicated “Skills” section in every resume, it is not enough to simply list all the above-mentioned skills there. Incorporate a short description of those in the job description or projects section. For example, you can elaborate how you have used the problem-solving skills to help bring a delayed project back on schedule.

If you are finding this a little difficult, you can always get assistance from online reputed website or Recruiting companies that offer these services for free to candidates. But make sure you connect with a genuine company, in order to get a industry standards resume made.

While these skills are all that you need to excel in the company and pass the interview, putting them down in the resume is not sufficient. Yes! Be prepared to give examples of situations where you practiced them. So, before you start interviewing, put yourself in situations where you will get to experience them.

A prior acquaintance with these important job-related skills will undoubtedly help you in creating a mark in the employer’s mind and with the company as a whole.