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Matching Talent to Roles: Connecting Companies to Highly Skilled Professionals

We specialize in sourcing and recruiting best-in-class professionals for top companies in BC needing quality talent acquisition. At Job Genie, a reliable employment agency in BC, we have the network and talent pool to meet your organizational needs.

Why Work With Us

Work With Us to Find the Best Employment Solutions

At Job Genie, we make job hiring easier and less stressful for businesses, especially those without an HR consultant. We’ll find you the best talent at the right cost and at the right time. Here are some of the reasons we are one of the top recruitment agencies in BC.

Personalized Talent Acquisition Services and Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Not all candidates can fit every role. That is why we use more personalized employment solutions to ensure candidates will be a good long-term fit for your business. Our talent acquisition team meets all our candidates, either in person or via zoom, to provide individuals that intuitively match the culture of your business.

Access a Large Highly Skilled and Talented Candidate Pool in British Columbia

We place office staff of all levels in companies, such as receptionists, C-Suite Pas, marketing executives, EAs, office managers, and more! Whether you need a new office staff tomorrow or in a few weeks, our diverse candidate pool means our agency staff can source the best talent exactly when you need it.

Flexible and Customizable Employment Solutions and Talent Acquisition Packages

Work with an experienced and professional HR consultant to find long-term employment strategies or short-term contracts. We will identify the skills and characteristics of the candidate that best suits your company. Whether you need a part-time, full-time, or contractor, our agency staff will find the perfect match for the role.

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Want to know more about Job Genie and our employment services? Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to find the employment solutions you need!

Our Service: Candidates Assistance – B2C

Employment Solutions with a Proven Scientific Process

Experienced HR Consultants Ready to Assist You Through the Entire Talent Acquisition Process

Aside from full-service agency recruiting, we offer other employment services to help with job hiring. We understand you may need more flexibility in how you hire or require assistance with the hiring process. That’s why we offer 6 employment services for you to choose from.

Details Of The Process

Work With Us to Find the Best Employment Solutions

Salary Benchmarking

We perform competitor research on salary and benefits on other Organizations to identify if the pay packages you offer can compete with the same role by competitors. This process prevents employees from leaving for better-paying jobs with competitors. This talent acquisition step is also necessary to attract candidates and determine how competitive Organizations are within the market.

Background Checks

We do comprehensive background checks for the candidates the companies consider hiring. Conducting a background check is crucial to ensure the safety of the information and data of your company. To ensure our background checks are compliant, we follow strict standards, guidelines, and procedures. Then, we send a report with the details you must know regarding the candidates.

Reference Checks

We perform reference checks on anyone you are considering hiring to ensure the background they provide is accurate. Our staffing agency has the resources, tools, and expertise to conduct a thorough reference check for you. This is a standard step in our talent acquisition process, but we can also offer it as a separate service.

HR Consultancy

We have experienced and professional HR consultants at our employment agency perfect for companies without an in-house HR specialist. We provide advice regarding employee retention techniques, setting up benefit and pay packages, starting wellness programs, and building mentorship and coaching for your current employees. These initiatives work towards improving your employer brand in the labour market.

HR Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a process in which the potential candidates undergo an assessment to help identify their personality, character, behavior, skills, strengths, weaknesses, communication style, and emotional intelligence. Then, we will evaluate the results of their psychometric test and distinguish if they can fit into your company's culture, working environment, and current employees.

Interview Screening

This job hiring service is perfect for companies looking for a third-party, non-biased, and comprehensive interview process for their potential candidates. We have the resources, experience, and capabilities to schedule and conduct video calls or in-person interviews. Our HR consultants will ask relevant questions during the interview and provide an unbiased and professional opinion to help you choose the best candidate.

Why you should go through an agency

Why Choose an Employment Agency for Hiring Solutions?

Save Time, Money, and Effort with Talent Acquisition Experts!

Finding candidates, screening applications, conducting reviews, and selecting the perfect match for a role takes effort, time, and money. By working with a reputable and trustworthy employment agency such as Job Genie, you can spend more time on growing your company. Our employment solutions ensure we find candidates that will fit your business where you can expect:

1. Fast Hiring: cut down time on reviewing resumes, cover letters, and conducting interviews. We have a pool of qualified candidates that will meet your requirements.

2. Reduced Cost: spend money where it matters. Find the right people for your role so that you do not spend time and money on the wrong employees.

3. Flexibility Services:  find employment solutions that fit your needs. Whether you need flexibility in how you hire or the hiring process, our HR consultants are ready to support you.

We offer winning recruitment strategies to connect you with the targeted talent you need.


What Our Clients Say

We provide exceptional employment solutions for businesses of all sizes in British Columbia. Let job Genie help you grow your company!

We put together all the testimonials and reviews from our clients to help you decide whether Job Genie is beneficial for you and your company. Find out what our clients are saying today!


"Before Job Genie, we used to travel 2 hours in heavy traffic just to meet with our clients. After Job Genie, I was able to focus on meeting with clients in my area while the team I hired through Job Genie met with clients located in their area. If I ever have a job hiring, I will only trust Job Genie"

"Job Genie helped me find a team of people that are not only great at what they do, but they go above and beyond by helping close more clients for our virtual offices. Thanks to their talent acquisition team, I now have 3 locations. Thanks Job Genie!"

"As a startup, it was difficult to find people I could trust to help me grow my business. Job Genie was able to help me connect with the right people."


"Calling clients, coordinating with suppliers, designing, drafting, and invoicing is a lot for one person to handle. I contacted Job Genie for employment solutions and now I have an assistant, and an accountant! Job Genie is an employment agency that really has it all."

"The recruiters were personable, asked the right questions regarding work environment and culture as this is so important in today’s work culture. Job Genie pry’s itself on finding the right candidates that have the right fit. With them it was never about the sale but about finding the right individual to fill the role."

"I liked the fact that Job Genie was able to assist me with the job description, title, duties and figuring out a salary that was a good market value rate to attract candidates."

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