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Find Your Dream Job with the Support of an Employment Agency

We are one of the top recruitment agencies in BC providing a way for you to find your dream job that will align with your personality, skill set, and life goals. We partner you with a professional consultant to refine your resume writing and interview skills for FREE. Contact us today!

Why Work With Us

Work With Us to Find the Best Employment Solutions

At Job Genie, we make job hiring easier and less stressful for businesses, especially those without an HR consultant. We’ll find you the best talent at the right cost and at the right time. Here are some of the reasons we are one of the top recruitment agencies in BC.

Wider Job Search and Selection in Quality Companies in British Columbia

We partner with many reputable companies and businesses in different industries located in British Columbia resulting in a wider job selection for candidates. Fill out our job application form and submit your updated resume. We will find the perfect job opportunity in quality companies based on your skill set, personality, and goals in life.

Experienced Consultants and Mentors Provide Advice for Career and Skill Development

All the candidates that join our employment agency are treated with respect and professionalism. You will be partnered with professional mentors and coaches to provide career and skill development advice to increase your chances of landing your dream job. Our coaches and mentors will support you through your job search and application process.

Dedicated Support and Service with industry Specific Knowledge and Expertise

Job Genie takes the stress out of job searching. We’re here to make you feel prepared, confident, and at ease through every step of the recruitment process. We’ll partner you with a consultant with industry-specific experience to guide you through the talent acquisition process, from job search and application, to resume writing and interview skills.

Contact Us to Start Working With the Best Recruitment Agencies in BC!

Are you ready to look for your dream job in a quality and reputable company in British Columbia? Contact us today and let’s start your job search and application process!

Who we server

Recruitment Agencies with Free Services for Candidates

Why Work With Us

Effective Interview Skills Training and Coaching Services To Land a Job

We prepare the candidates who join our employment agency by providing excellent coaching services specifically designed to help you master the art of interviewing. Our professional consultants will practice and work with you to answer common interview questions to market yourself as the right candidate for the job. We will refine your presentation and public speaking skills to help you feel professional, natural, and, confident going into your interview.

Why Work With Us

Training in Personalized and Professional Resume Writing Skills To Set You Apart

We will work with you to customize your resume depending on the company you wish to work for. General resumes are not as effective as tailored resumes. Submitting the same resume shows a lack of effort and is not recommended by us. When it comes to each job application, an employer will look for specific skill sets, and the more you tailor it to the role, the greater your chances of landing the interview. Tailor your resume with our resume writing services today.

Why you should go through an agency

Why Apply for Jobs Through Recruitment Agencies?

Improve your skills, spend half the time and effort, and widen your reach by working with an employment agency!

Job searching through hiring websites takes up a lot of time and effort. By working with a reputable employment agency such as Job Genie, we will match you with top companies based on your skill set, personality, character, and life goals. Our consultants will check your resume and connect you to the right job opening where you can expect to

1. Save time and money: agency staff will perform the job search for you. You can focus on improving your resume writing and interview skills.

2. Feel less stress: finding a job is a multi-step recruitment process (job search, application, references, and interviews) that can be easily solved by an agency.

3. Find more potential jobs: access to multiple Organizations and job opportunities with our connections at Job Genie to find a job that matches your interests.

Through recruitment agencies, you have more job opportunities and support to ensure the role best matches your talent, leading to long-term placement and growth.


What Our Clients Say

We provide exceptional employment solutions for businesses of all sizes in British Columbia. Let job Genie help you grow your company!

We put together all the testimonials and reviews from our clients to help you decide whether Job Genie is beneficial for you and your company. Find out what our clients are saying today!


"Before Job Genie, we used to travel 2 hours in heavy traffic just to meet with our clients. After Job Genie, I was able to focus on meeting with clients in my area while the team I hired through Job Genie met with clients located in their area. If I ever have a job hiring, I will only trust Job Genie"

"Job Genie helped me find a team of people that are not only great at what they do, but they go above and beyond by helping close more clients for our virtual offices. Thanks to their talent acquisition team, I now have 3 locations. Thanks Job Genie!"

"As a startup, it was difficult to find people I could trust to help me grow my business. Job Genie was able to help me connect with the right people."


"Calling clients, coordinating with suppliers, designing, drafting, and invoicing is a lot for one person to handle. I contacted Job Genie for employment solutions and now I have an assistant, and an accountant! Job Genie is an employment agency that really has it all."

"The recruiters were personable, asked the right questions regarding work environment and culture as this is so important in today’s work culture. Job Genie pry’s itself on finding the right candidates that have the right fit. With them it was never about the sale but about finding the right individual to fill the role."

"I liked the fact that Job Genie was able to assist me with the job description, title, duties and figuring out a salary that was a good market value rate to attract candidates."

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