What we offer our candidates:

We treat every candidate as an individual.
We’re here for your job search now and in the future too.
At Job Genie, we pride ourselves on only working with the
best candidates. Our team of coaches and mentors will assist
you along the way with your job search.


Finding the perfect job is the result of more than just a resume match, it comes from being intuitively paired with a job and company that aligns with your personality, skill set and life goals. We’re here to understand what you want now and, in the future, and place you in a job quickly and efficiently in an ethical and responsible way.

How We Work

We’re here to take the stress out of job searching. We meet all our candidates and partner you with one of our permanent consultants, meaning you’ll be guided through the recruitment process by someone that knows the industry inside out and understands exactly what it is you’re looking for. We’ll treat you as an individual and ensure we’re by your side every step of the way.

JG Insider

JG Insider is our exclusive community where we share our live jobs, skills training, support and upcoming events. To request to join please hit join now.


What Our Candidates Say


"Before Job Genie, we used to travel 2 hours in heavy traffic just to meet with our clients. After Job Genie, I was able to focus on meeting with clients in my area while the team I hired through Job Genie met with clients located in their area. If I ever have a job hiring, I will only trust Job Genie"

"Job Genie helped me find a team of people that are not only great at what they do, but they go above and beyond by helping close more clients for our virtual offices. Thanks to their talent acquisition team, I now have 3 locations. Thanks Job Genie!"

"As a startup, it was difficult to find people I could trust to help me grow my business. Job Genie was able to help me connect with the right people."


"Calling clients, coordinating with suppliers, designing, drafting, and invoicing is a lot for one person to handle. I contacted Job Genie for employment solutions and now I have an assistant, and an accountant! Job Genie is an employment agency that really has it all."

"The recruiters were personable, asked the right questions regarding work environment and culture as this is so important in today’s work culture. Job Genie pry’s itself on finding the right candidates that have the right fit. With them it was never about the sale but about finding the right individual to fill the role."

"I liked the fact that Job Genie was able to assist me with the job description, title, duties and figuring out a salary that was a good market value rate to attract candidates."

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