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We are one of the top recruitment agencies in BC providing a way for you to find your dream job that will align with your personality, skill set, and life goals. We partner you with a professional consultant to refine your resume writing and interview skills for FREE. Contact us today!

Who We Are

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Job Genie is an employment agency located in Surrey, British Columbia. We are a leading provider of employment solutions with an experienced talent acquisition team knowledgeable in the industry. Our approach is bespoke and personal, we’re here to provide a stress-free experience to help you find perfect match solutions for permanent roles in a quick, effective, and ethical way.

The talent acquisition strategy we use is tailored to your company’s objectives or needs. We find the balance of skills, character, and personality to ensure the candidates are the perfect match for your company. Our extensive experience as an HR consultant and employment agency means we provide solutions for: Salary Benchmarking, Background Checks, Reference Checks, HR Consultancy, Psychometric Testing, and Interview Screening.

On the other hand, for job candidates, we offer FREE services to improve your interview and resume writing skills to enhance your chances of landing your dream job.

Our Mission

What are our mission

Our Mission

Goals to Help Us Provide the Best Talent Acquisition Services in BC

Our mission is to connect companies with the perfect candidates to fill roles at all levels, ranging from full-time, part-time, and contractor positions. We want to help you grow by providing the following:

  • Find the best talent for your business and positions for candidates. We conduct evaluations for all of our clients to ensure the background of the candidates and the company we are working with is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Prioritizing labor or jobs in British Columbia to decrease your company’s recruitment costs. We search for job opportunities and talents within BC to make our services more affordable, so you can try our employment services and save on recruitment costs.
  • Flexible recruitment acquisition packages for companies and candidates. We tailor our agency recruiting packages depending on the specific needs of your company.

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Recruitment Agencies with Free Services for Candidates

Stress-Free and Quality Talent Acquisition Services for Successful
Businesses and Job Searching

We want to make it more convenient and less stressful for companies and job hunters to look for the right candidates and quality businesses to solve the human labor problems in British Columbia. We offer our talent acquisition services to bridge the gap between quality companies and professional candidates.

Who We Serve

For Businesses

We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to scaling, and mature businesses. For these businesses, searching for quality and skilled employees is necessary to succeed. However, it is hard especially if they do not have an in-house HR consultant. By working with us, you will have reliable and quality employment solutions to help you succeed in your industry. We will find highly-skilled individuals to add to your company!

Who We Serve

For Job seekers

We will work with you to customize your resume depending on the company you wish to work for. General resumes are not as effective as tailored resumes. Submitting the same resume shows a lack of effort and is not recommended by us. When it comes to each job application, an employer will look for specific skill sets, and the more you tailor it to the role, the greater your chances of landing the interview. Tailor your resume with our resume writing services today.

Our Partner Businesses and Clients That Trust Us With Their Talent Acquisition Needs

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Talent Acquisition Team Specializing in Labour Recruitment



With numerous years of experience as an industry leader, Amanda has built up an impressive network through ongoing recommendations. Her knowledge is next to none with her extensive experience while working with well-known Organizations and gaining on the job valuable experience. She has an eye for this and is passionate about people which makes her a master in this field, especially when it comes to assisting candidates and employers to find the right fit.



Eva brings a fresh set of eyes to the Recruitment industry. Responsible for the brand and values of Job Genie, developing marketing initiatives to ensure who we are and what we’re about is accurately communicated along with assisting the Senior Recruiter. She’s the one behind the scenes that makes it all come together! Eva is always on top of the new trends within the industry!




Meet our newest member of our Recruitment division who loves to learn about people and their passions. Carolyn loves to connect people and learn about their goals in life to find each individual the right fit! She is behind the scenes assisting our Senior Recruiter Amanda.